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Beautiful Tianquan Lake
Spring water, Tianquan name, beautiful Tianquan Lake Provincial Wetland Park, North Jiangsu area is the largest mountain lake, the waters of the total area of 9 square kilometers, the catchment area of 56 square kilometers. Tianquan lake like a crown, a five finger out. The four seasons here, a pleasant climate, suitable for a holiday; here, lush vegetation, abundant water, the water level stability, suitable for breeding and roosting birds and fish; here, rich in aquatic products, excellent quality, is the production base of green pollution-free products. Tianquan Lake throughout the year, variety of scenery, every morning and evening, is majestic and grand. Spring, gurgling streams, aquatic birds play in the water, picturesque; summer, despite the scorching sun overhead, making the water hammer wave, mind, sleeping in the mountains, cool and comfortable; autumn, popular in the mountains, the fruit; winter, snow, like a sparkling fairy tale world.

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