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The harvest autumn chestnut -- mining pick wild fruit to view cattle sheep fish array array array

Time: September 1st -12 month 1 days

Location: Tieshan Temple farm chestnut garden, Gao Tang Guan

When used to the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, endure the daily light pollution and dust pollution, everyone thinks of escape. In addition to the small village is rich in strong rural atmosphere, with the sun and the Beach Island, don't ignore the first East volcano forest. At the national AAAA level scenic area -- Tieshan temple, visit 30000000 years ago Lynch volcano view is absolutely the most wonderful trip. Even Nanjing high-speed drive north along the walk, about 90 kilometers to the "Jiangsu Jiuzhaigou" said Xuyi County Tieshan Temple National Forest Park, it is surrounded by mountains, green water rippling, a hill stream among its perennial constantly, as the third century volcano eruption of basaltic lava plateau, dotted with numerous volcano vestige.

The clear water, fast flowing, river shade trees, volcano rock hidden in the shade, matched landscapes, thousands of images. Exotic flowers and rare trees, rocks and mountain ring, give a person a kind of beautiful feeling. Especially from the near to the distant, from low to high "A" type of hiking, like two day jade order, given the nature of the momentum magnificent, extraordinary style, give a person with refined charm, more can fully experience the natural beauty and unique volcano geology. The mountain on the way, everywhere unique volcano stone, stone is mostly black, dense and hard, also some porous, here the "flat top, bottom slope steep, deep", called "the roof has no peak" of the mountain, people walk in the above didn't feel a bit tired, very relaxed, no mountains that a sense of oppression.

The volcano in eruption after 30000000 years ago, no activity. Here also preserved the most primitive state, scenic areas within the lush vegetation, adequate water, the negative ion content is rich, so the air is fresh, let a person feel fresh. Especially the summer season comes, scorching sun, the heat generated in the cool, volcano Lin Quanbao, flowing, fog rainbow rising, aquatic smoke, smoke Hanshan, like a dream, like a fairyland, let visitors as the acme of perfection. The mountain air is very fresh, occasionally see one or two egrets in the hillside habitat, is carefree and content, the prairie is more diffuse mountain sheep, all wild berries.

In the 200 meters above sea level near the place, there is a piece of wetland. The wetland area is very strange, is an all the year round water, never dried up, and no other source of water, therefore, it is said that Zhu Yuanzhang was here to set up a racecourse, transporting horses for the court of Nanjing. But in the wetland around, any sites have to race, but there are flocks of sheep in a leisurely stroll.

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