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Lake summer -- astronomical science landscape lobster experience

Time: June 1st -8 month 31 days

Location: Tieshan Temple astronomical science park, Tianquan Lake Center, scenic spots Nongjiale volcano in the forest, enjoying the cool bamboo depths live farm, small Tianchi in busy catch fish, natural lake water...... Recently, a "Tieshan Xuyi County East Forest Wetland" called the Temple National Forest Park, the launch of the original landscape summer tour attracted from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong and Guangdong and other visitors to vacation this summer, visitors to the Tieshan Temple of the original ecological landscape praise without ceasing, is a good place for the summer heat.

Tieshan Temple National Forest Park is located in Chinese lobster in Jiangsu Xuyi County, is the national AAAA level scenic area, wetland park, Jiangsu forest tourism resort, 60.58 square kilometers of the original secondary forests and mountains of the 9 square kilometers Tianquan lake, constitute the microclimate environment is extremely special called "cold lake" phenomenon the. Summer, go to Xuyi, not only can taste the authentic lobster delicious, also can make a lobster on the journey home in lobster. In the summer of Tieshan temple, Zhuhai deeply, Lake wind sends bright, temperature 3 - 4 ℃ lower than outside, and no mosquito, have become the surrounding summer tour.

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