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For early adopters -- dig wild herbs products lobster Tieshan Temple spring home

Time: March 8th -5 month 28 days

Location: Tieshan Temple farm

Spring to Tieshan temple is the three five biggest fun together with tools to the lake wetland to dig wild herbs, here a lot of varieties of wild herbs, wild shepherd's purse, Hill garlic, Ma Lan first, here the mountain sister will teach you how to dig wild herbs, dig into the wild herbs can be free to take home, but also to the farmhouse to, in the soil science before burning stove in the farmhouse meal, then share the fruits of their labor, eating delicious rice farmers, and farm chat, chat with the local folk, story telling, 100 will talk a way of keeping good health, longevity wine drink, take a back 100 years old, harvest a lot.

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