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Mountain temple of Zen Music -- thousand Buddha dynamic field, all the sweet rain River

Activity content: every morning at 10:30 (or 2:30 PM), involved in the Temple Buddhist activities

Location: Tetsuyama Teradayu Hall

Tieshan temple was named after the mountain, was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, was the first Buddhist monks strictly regulating Han monks, as its first dojo. Yan Buddha, also known as Yan Fu, was born circa 117-197, brief name strict regulation. The Buddha, the middle name to "Buddha", called Yan Buddha tone, to show their identity and Buddhism related.

Yan Buddha tune "a bright, Bright as is fond of studying. letter Hui, natural, then went back to school and said," he is Han Huandi, Emperor Ling in Luoyang when the rest monk Shi high disciple. A man has five first: the first China ordained religious people, the first people Chinese translation of Buddhist canons, since the first man China written scriptures, the first overseas mission China. The five first, strict regulation China Buddha in Buddhism history established the important position.

Allegedly, he studied Buddhism for decades, the first Chinese monk Buddhist writings "monk Hui ten chapters" is his book. According to "the monk" mind set records, he translated a "mirror", by the method of. Tieshan temple in the expansion, to the Ming Dynasty, the size of the temple reached its peak, formed to Tieshan temple as the center, Wang Gu temple, temple, temple fourteen temples, forming a "small Jiuhua" in East Anhui, Buddhist monks and nuns to thousands of people. It is a great pity to the end of the Qing Dynasty, bandit infestations, Tieshan temple has also been Hill bandit accounted for, the national government to mobilize the bandits, a division's artillery bombardment. The temple was destroyed in the war eventually.

In order to meet the needs of local Buddhist culture, the temple Tieshan foundation stone laying ceremony was held in the 2001 lunar eighth of the fourth month in August at eight eighteen in the morning, a sensation throughout the Buddhist world. Now the two phase of the project was completed, a period. The main hall is 24.8 meters high, covering an area of 880 square meters, the bigger than Yangzhou hall. Shanmen Temple 12 meters high, construction area of 220 square meters, the hall of heavenly kings hall 16.8 meters high, construction area of 440 square meters. Future will be gradually built East-West side hall in a palace and a sitting room, Abbot's Residence, a Buddism godness Guanyin Ge and cangjing Pavilion, can become the central Jiangsu and Anhui two province oversize temples. In July 8, 2005 the opening.

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