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High Tang Guan Tourism Festival -- twenty kilometers by car, The path winds along mountain ridges. experience tour

Activity content: Tieshan Temple original ecological forest drive on, watch the cattle egrets, experience life, feelings of grassland, plateau, canyon scenery, Lin Hai

Location: Tieshan Temple National Forest Park set line (signs)

The special geographical position, this created a rich cultural connotation of history, the Western Jin Dynasty Kao County site east of Tieshan Temple 5 kilometers. In the Tang Dynasty, here is the high Tang County, the Tang Guan Bing Bing high Shiji rebellion was suppressed by, Zhao Kuangyin, the history of the famous "borrow a head" of the story comes from that. Today High Tang Gu Guan leaving only some ruins (Tieshan temple is only 3 km), over the years, people always use the name "high Tang".

At the Tieshan temple, a boat tour Tianquan Lake wetland, across the stream, a green lake suddenly now, surrounded by mountains in static lying, you will meet the fisherman rowed, fishing here in the scene, some people fishing in the Lake Flower holding pole, barefoot to catch lobster. Into the volcano forest, green mountains and rivers, a suction forest oxygen bar, peach bridge, Ge Tenglin, ancient treasures -- forest tree, Dalbergia, bite tree lovers, magpie tree, volcano stone, Peacock Garden, let you hang around the footsteps. The first Temple Temple Tieshan to Huaihe -- Lotus Hill, enjoy quiet, far view at the Purple Mountain Observatory, this is Asia's most bright sky, take you to enjoy the spring leisure good fun! To go to Xuyi at the weekend, while Xuyi lobster, delicious fat when, all the way to the green grass, flowers in full bloom, is the beautiful rural scenery. Xuyi not only has the crayfish, and the only pristine landscape and Tourism Resort -- Tieshan Temple National Forest Park and Tieshan Temple nature reserve.

Tieshan Temple National Forest Park, more than 60 square kilometers of secondary forests and mountains of the 9 square kilometers of Tianquan lake, constitute an extremely unique micro climate environment called "cold lake" phenomenon. Thriving here more than 40 kinds of wild animal, 170 kinds of birds, 280 kinds of higher plants, 800 kinds of Chinese herbal, mostly north-south geographical edge species, is a natural gene pool of animals and plants.

Due to the hilly topography, rolling hills and basalt platform independence from the Chu Han Feng Yun, colorful thick forests and water pure mountain lake, the ancient plain even added Zhong Ling Yuk sau. Here the nameless mountain magnificent, magnificent mountains, but so little that the momentum is pressing.

The environment here is to bring tourists is casual and relaxing cues and temptation, and let people intimate contact with nature.

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