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Wild lily Jian Festival -- my childhood dream to catch loach, catch crabs this reproduction

Activity content: catch stone crab, catch a fish, catch loach

Location: Lily Jian to oak Lin Xiaoxi

Spring is the most beautiful but this entitled "Jiuzhaigou" reputation of Tieshan Temple National Forest Park and Tieshan Temple nature reserve. The spring of Tieshan temple, beauty in the big fat Xuyi crayfish, beauty in the landscape of tourist resort, beautiful Tianquan Lake stream in quest, visit the farm, to pick vegetables, soil science before burning stove in farm meal, eat delicious rice farmers, and farm chat, chat folk, tell a story, with the local hundred Jupiter talk a way of keeping good health, longevity wine drink, take a hundred years old, and fishermen together under the lake fishing, watch full of wild flowers of rape, looking for a happy childhood, or holding pole fishing, catch fish or barefoot, or find wild flowers......

In Xuyi, the lobster have all the year round. The real Xuyi lobster with its natural lakes artificial breeding, clean, a big, fat meat, yellow, and it is the original ecological environment in the Tieshan Temple National Forest Park, 30 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine developed into thirteen flavor lobster sauce cooked, not only taste delicious, unique taste, but also has a variety of nutrients beneficial to human body the. Of course, to the Tieshan Temple National Forest Park in search of the original Xuyi lobster delicious recipe Oh well, follow the recognition of herbs together, experience the fun of fishing for lobster is a must.

In recent years, the county Party committee and government, in order to achieve the "environment Li County Xingxian, industrial county, tourism" goal, fully carried out the operation of the market, the full momentum, has held 5 sessions "Chinese Lobster Festival", greatly small hundreds of projects to attract a large number of passengers at home and abroad, the festival promotion, the pin belt production, production in the market, to a rich atmosphere has been basically formed, the Xuyi tourism framework is composed of. With the "Xuyi lobster" this resounding brand, people began to understand Xuyi, relatively stable market is also gradually formed. Plus the media operation, the travel agency work, the construction of national ecological demonstration counties, the National Health civilized city construction, to win the market for tourism.

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