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Purple Mountain Observatory of Xuyi Tieshan temple near the astronomical observation base

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Purple Mountain Observatory after years in the province and even the country's location, the final decision in Xuyi County of Tieshan Temple National Forest Park in Zhu Yuanzhang's court racetrack -- happy hill built astronomical observation base. In recent years, construction fund has invested 200000000 yuan, has become Asia's largest, the world's third celestial physics experiment, observation of astronomical planetarium, popular science astronomical base observation. In order to popularize astronomy knowledge and the construction of the Purple Mountain Observatory in Xuyi Science Park, Tieshan temple, dedicated to the big, in, elementary school science popularization places, thousands of pictures, advanced astronomical telescope, is the vast number of amateur astronomers and the tourists will go to scenic spots.

Figure 1: base panorama

Figure 2: astronomical science park

Figure 3: the ancient time measuring instruments -- sundial

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