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In order to let visitors experience the Tieshan Temple folk activities, participation in sports, enjoy the process, Tieshan Temple National Forest Park increased let visitors together with the fishermen lake fish, catch fish to personally experience the fun. On the day Mr. Wang from Shanghai for a family of three, in the process of fish luckily caught a 13 kg of carp, said excitedly: "I did not see the ritual performances, also on the spot to catch fish, it is a worthwhile trip, I hope I can come here to play!"

Tieshan Temple Forest National Forest Park is located in the Chinese lobster capital of Jiangsu in southwest Xuyi County, is the national AAAA level scenic area, national Forest Park, National Wetland Park, the original secondary forests and mountains of 61.58 square kilometers around 9 square kilometers of extremely pure Tianquan lake, constitute an extremely unique micro climate environment. Tieshan Temple National Forest Park with its mysterious, quiet beauty, natural, original. The unique climate and environment, the special physiognomy, beautiful landscape style, can become a must. Asia's brightest stars, the earliest Qi Shan Temple, the most primitive forest wilderness, the mysterious vegetation on rock, the deep valley lakes, the unique, the best of Jiangsu. In recent years, Tieshan Temple National Forest Park mining tourism resources, big feature article, in Tianquan Lake Wetland in East China region, called out the slogan of the brand.

Tianquan lake fish Festival -- a blue day since, it is the Great Lakes to catch fish

Activity content: in the 9 square kilometers Tianquan lake the annual catch Fishing Festival, to watch the ritual performances, participate in the fishing process, site to buy, to the feast of fish products

Location: Tianquan Lake Recreation Center

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