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Tieshan temple, Tianquan Lake National Forest Park, wetland park is a national AAAA level scenic spots, the first batch of Jiangsu ecological tourism demonstration area, the provincial tourism resort, located in the China lobsters of Jiangsu -- Xuyi, adjacent to Nanjing, was listed as the best tourist attractions around Nanjing, an hour from Nanjing scenic spot, Jiangsu province is the best preserved, the largest area of the wildlife kingdom. 61.58 square kilometers of the original forest and mountains of the 9 square kilometers of extremely pure Tianquan lake, constitute an extremely unique micro climate environment, the negative oxygen ion content is 49 times of the average value of be worthy of the name, is the natural oxygen bar. In the region, spring mountain, forest, lake, stone nature, gradual tiancheng. There is Asia's brightest stars, here is the end of the Han Dynasty Temple deep in the mountains, there is a secluded mountain lakes, there are fairy tale like fireflies Valley, there are facilities resort hotel......

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